A south Indian cable operator service provider wanted to expand his business with digital cable which thier customer can subscribe to and watch TV on mobile.


Zolute provided a streaming solution to the customer by RTMP broadcasting . this allows customer to subscribe the channels and tv shows on their mobile phone and can watch LIve over internet . This gives cable operator a gateway to expand his business on virtual and mobile environment.



Customer Detail

Unlimited India Calling is a calling card service provider in USA. It provides cheap calling to customer to call to India. They have more than 10000 concurrent calls a day.

Business Scenario

UIC required a system to completely automate the system. which can integrate with its site and voip server. such that user can make payment and recharge from the portal and the system should select calling Switch and create account accordingly.

Zolute’s Solution

Zolute built up a cart which has integration with their ASTPP Switch and voip server. Zolute built up the communication API. This helped the customer to achieve full automation.


Epic Research is a stock tip company , which provides stock market tips and consultancy to Indian and middle east customers. They needed a CRM to have realtime inforgraphics of the employees . and make the leads more productive.


Epic Research is 2007 established company in Indore, Madhya Pradsh with over 400+ employees and 50 Million contacts .

Business Scenario & Solution

Epic Research needed a fully integrated CRM to achieve highest productivity and reporting . Zolute helped with smart CRm system which deeply integrate with its employees and users activity . It tracks calling, email and SMS and generates reports for the company department heads to track its hierarchy. It helped the company to identify possibilities and more opportunity on how grwoth can be done in sales.

Currently , the CRM is managing its billing, accounts, HR and social media . And the best part, it works on lowest carbon footprint.