On Friday that is on 23-06-2017 a new malware Trojan named “Xavier” has been detected by the Global cyber security firm Trend Micro. They also said that these are common found in apps such as photo manipulators to wallpaper

and ringtone changers and to protect users from this threat Global cyber security firm Trend Micro has provide multi-layered mobile security solutions .

Xavier has downloaded a million times till date and more than 800 apps are infected with ‘Xavier’ malware. This trojan Virus silently steals and leaks users information. It is very difficult to find leaks as these type of virus uses different methods to protect it from getting detected, such as internet data encryption, emulator detection and string encryption.

The best way to protect your data from these virus is to not download and install apps from an unknown source, even you have to be careful if they are from app stores like Google Play. You should always read the reviews from other users before downloading. You can always update your mobile device to keep malware away. Also, one should always have a antivirus like Avast in there mobile to protect your phone from other threats.

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