At zolute we provide all type of technological consulting to bring your business to the

automated systems. We Designs ERPs and CRMs for our clients according to their needs and

business processes which leads to a Modern Automated Business Management.

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1. Requirement Analysis

First of all we try to understand the nature of business, processes

of various activities in organization and requirement of areas for solution.

2. Consulting

We do brainstorming here and come up with various type solutions which

can be provided to client, on the basis of information gathered in the first step.

3. Documentation

After deciding the best suitable solution we write complete technical

specifications and project development and deployment strategy, how it is going to be

developed using which technologies and the deployment terms.

4. Project Development

On basis document prepared, our team puts their heart and souls

to develop the project in given time frame.

5. User Acceptance Testing

In this part, the developed product is loaded on testing server

and tested by Client.

6. Deployment

As soon as we get the acceptance we deploy the product on production

server for real time usage.

7. Maintenance and Upgradation

After the completion of successful development and

deployment, we continue to provide our support to client and update them about new

and more creative ways to update their system.

“Call for  more information +91 731 405 4545