Restaurants & Hotels

Solving the biggest challenges restaurants face today

Zolute Consulting is a single platform for all the tools you need, no matter your shape or size. Build a brand, manage operations, gain visibility and retain customers.

Key Features

Online reservation and ordering

Facilitate your customers with your online presence and allow them to book their tables and meals online.

Menu management

Manage and update your menu along with pricing and discounts.

Employee management

Manage all your employees and their respective responsibilities and work hours.

Table management

Manage tables, whether it is booked or vacant with a single click.

Order status

Take orders and track their status, whether it is served or not.

Inventory control

Maintain your inventory, have an in-and-out item list and never run out of stock.

Cash flow management

Control cash flow, payments and expenditure all in a single platform.

Feedback management

After serving customers, get feedback from them, which will help you to grow your business.