Toll & Parking Automation System

Toll & Parking Automation System

Toll & Parking Automation System

Zolute presents Smart series Auto Parking Management System for managing pay-and-park facilities with high traffic flow and requirements of modern and smart design equipment, for both non enrolled and enrolled Car Users. This system automatically generate ticket for non-enrolled car users, and enrolled car users get access and leave by self-service showing their cards on entrance & exit controller respectively, or enter and leave w/o stop if card is read by long range reader. It is ideal solution for parking lots of premises such as shopping center, exhibition center, hospitals, hotels& airports etc.

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It allows automatic number plate detection through IR camera and record in database.

Automatic Barrier and image capture

Capture image of vehicle promptly and opens barrier.

Vehicle detection

Automatic detection of vehicle class and raise corresponding toll based on vehicle type.

Multi User & Advance reporting

Allow toll gate to be automated or manual with smart authentication .Get more than the collection information. Smart reports allows lane wise, vehicle wise reports in graphical and statistical way.

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