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By utilizing Our TV app development services your business can bring branded
content to millions of living rooms all over the world.

Features on what we focus

 Smart TV Application Design

Smart TV application Design for Samsung TV, Apple TV, Andorid TVWe analyze your requirements and prototype the Smart TV application design for a specific platform. We ensure that our designs are modeled with extreme design thinking keeping users, platforms, resolutions and viewing environment at the center. We collaborate with the design stakeholders, interview users similar to the target group and come up with visually pleasing storyboards.

Smart TV Application Maintenance

Smart TV Application Maintenance Service for LG TV, Tizen TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku TVMaintenance of Smart TV applications requires a lot of monitoring to ensure maximum availability and minimum downtime. Our experts continuously monitor Smart TV applications in real time so as to ensure they are up and running continuously. Maximizing the availability of application will lead to better user experience and in turn better ROI.

Smart TV Application Testing

Smart TV Application Development and Testing Services for Tizen TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku TV

Our end-to-end testing of Smart TV applications uses a comprehensive suite of test frameworks, tools and techniques to fine tune the viewer experience and optimize the performance of applications. Our testing lab has multiple Connected TV devices ensuring effective and accurate testing of applications for various platforms with different screen sizes, resolutions and viewing environment.

Smart TV Application Development

 Smart TV Application Development for Samsung TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon TV

We have the immense know-how of intuitive Smart TV app development for various platforms, resolutions and viewing environment such as Android, Apple, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung Native, Tizen, and Smart TV Alliance. We also help to develop live streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) applications that work seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices like Chromecast and AirPlay.

Tv App Developement Services

The way we watch TV is evolving. TV subscriptions are no longer entirely necessary. There are now a variety of ways to watch TV right on your mobile devices. That includes a new wave of live TV services. Wise up to what your smart TV has to offer, which includes not just movies and TV, but music, workouts, games, and more. You’ll find different categories such as videos, games, sports, lifestyle, information and “other” apps.

It’s been almost three years since Tim Cook announced that the “future of TV is apps.”  From then on Apps on a TV are a new concept and not a bad one. There are more than 200 apps — from those that help you get ready in the morning, to those that connect to your social media, to apps commonly found on network TVs, like Vudu and Netflix.

Our smart TV app development expertise assists you in develop e-commerce, e-learning, OTT platforms and plenty of alternative brands to make your way in the TV space with smart TV, live Streaming, e-commerce and VOD applications.

Our distinctive approach for strategy, design, and development accelerates us to implement smart TV Apps for devices such as mobile, wearable, Smart TV, gaming consoles and more.