Yoga is the best thing you can do as it heals your soul and increases your peace of mind.

Those who do it daily have better health. And those who don’t have time to practice it they can try this 4 effective yoga apps to practice it at your home.

It is the best then any other workout as it strengthen your core as well as help you to calm your presence of mind.It has many health benefits and is practiced by many people around world. On June 21, we celebrate International Yoga day. Many people participate and do Yoga on this day. But many are there who know the benefits of yoga but don’t get time to join Yoga classes and do Yoga.

Everyone has smart phone these days and they can now use it to practice yoga with these apps which can be downloaded easily.So, that you don’t miss workout.

Take a look at these 4 apps which can be really effective to practice yoga anywhere anytime.

  • Pocket Yoga:

This is the best app which lets you practice yoga anywhere, anytime. This app lets you choose a background theme also it provide you with a soothing background music to do yoga.

  • Daily Yoga:

Bring your yoga instructor everywhere you go. Gives you vocal instruction for every pose you do.

  • Yoga Studio:

Best app which provides you HD videos of all yoga poses with proper instruction.

  • Yogify:

The name says it all. One of the best free yoga apps that provide you 275 asanas. You can customize it with the music and also it allows you to connect with other people who own Yogify.




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