Digital transformation consulting – structured, agile and inspiring


From Makemyhouse to Ezziframes, Zolute's digital transformation consultants are helping visionary organizations step into a confident digital future. Supremely pragmatic, this is about making positive change happen: life is not an academic exercise.


Sector expertise

Leverage in-depth sector knowledge and innovation: a nuclear power station is not an educational publisher.


Boundaries and focus

In a super-connected world, focus matters: governance, marketing, customer experience and more.


More actions than words

You learn by doing, data is the raw material: play with it.


Models and metrics

Benefit from cumulative expertise, best practice and blueprints: measure (and pay) by results.


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Core Capabilities

Digital Consulting

Our Digital Consulting Services helps businesses reimagine how to innovate and function using emerging technologies and become more competitive. We provide end-to-end digital solutions spanning digital strategy consulting, digital architecture designing and transformation consulting.

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Business Transformation

Our Business Transformation Services enable clients to achieve true business benefits and true process performance through design of new age processes that leverage new technologies disrupting the market. We further help clients to implement new or improved business processes leveraging IoT, Intelligent Automations (RPA, AI, ML etc), Cloud and Blockchain.

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IT Function Transformation

Our IT Function Transformation Services supports businesses in delivering their most important and complex technology transformations. We enable our clients create competitive advantage through effective and efficient utilization of IT. Our solutions are targeted at key performance goals, challenges and opportunities of an IT function. We help our clients automate the delivery, build agile capabilities, ensure business-to-IT alignment and optimize cost.

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Outcome Delivery

Our Outcome Delivery Service provides organizational change management and program management services to enable our clients strategize, plan and operationalize programs, projects and initiatives required to achieve their goals.

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Data Consulting

Our Data Consulting Services help businesses turn their Enterprise data into intelligence. We enable clients to maximize usage and benefits from one of their most important assets – Data.

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Risk Consulting

Our Risk Consulting team helps the clients identify, understand and manage risk. We assist businesses in Enterprise Risk Management, Information Security and Revenue Assurance.

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Network Consulting

Our Network Consulting Services helps businesses assess, plan and design networks that support and enable their business goals.

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Technology: Foundational & Emerging


Digitally enlightened companies layer technology to delight customers and meet business needs. Having a flexible, cloud-enabled platform that includes foundational technologies like data management and analytics allows business es to scale and grow. Adopting emerging technologies allows the m to differentiate and disrupt with new products and services.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing gives organizations quicker access to data, software and capabilities. This, in turn, makes them agile enough to transform.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is used to automate processes, especially low-level processes done consistently at high speeds – such as examining microchips for defects.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics turns data into insight. And insight is what organizations use to innovate in a digital world. With advanced analytics, algorithms.

Data Management

Doing business in a digital world means coping with the torrent of structured and unstructured data pouring in from seemingly infinite sources.

Customer Intelligence

Customer-centricity is practically synonymous with digital transformation. As organizations scramble to meet the evolving needs of consumers.


Being able to analyze diverse data in real time, as events happen, gives IoT a place in many transformation projects. This is because gathering data.

Transform your business, stay ahead of the competition


Reimagine how you do business. Apply technology to build new business models, processes, software, and systems. Three key benefits will make digital transformation a top focus for you: It creates new customer experiences. It enables advanced business models. And it drives workforce innovation.


41% of companies increased market share

Source: Altimeter report

30% of companies increased customer revenue

Source: Altimeter report

30% of companies increased customer revenue

Source: Altimeter report

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